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1 April 14
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9 March 14

Hi everyone!

My life has been quite the roller coaster ride in all aspects (mentally, emotionally, romantically, financially, academically/career-wise, etc.). I have been prioritizing and taking things step-by-step, and in the process of doing so, am learning more about myself and about life. So apologies for my absence! And thank you for staying tuned ‘til now.

I finally had a few moments to sit down and really try to plan some projects for this year, cosplay and Youtube cover-wise. Please keep a look out on here as well as my other sites (which I have finally updated as well!):

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Personal Sites:
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Everyone’s love and support has been so wonderful, and I am grateful, motivated, and optimistic for the future. I look forward to giving you guys more stuff soon!

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20 January 14

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12 January 14


Final boss fight in the Master Quest version of Twilight Princess


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19 October 13


I will be the bridge between our two worlds.

Fucking…this episode, man. AMAZING piece of work.

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game over

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14 October 13
My poor bb. Her tears broke ma’ heeaaarttt.
Can’t say I approve of what happened after this, however.

My poor bb. Her tears broke ma’ heeaaarttt.

Can’t say I approve of what happened after this, however.

9 October 13

Can’t wait for dis bish.

7 October 13




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28 September 13

Dance Cover Videos

Okay so I just have something I wanna say in regards to the top comment on this video about how she’s a “great dancer” but the moves are “too sharp” and “unlike BoA”: http://youtu.be/hL_MS746xbA

I get a lot of comments like that about my own dance cover videos - that I’m “too strong” in my movements. While that comment in the BoA cover video is nowhere near as extreme compared to other silly comments I’ve seen, I feel that viewers simply need to be informed.

From a technical standpoint, when the original artist(s) perform their songs and choreography live, they may be required to soften their movements so as not to sacrifice the quality of their singing. Therefore, when it comes to my videos where I’m performing JUST the dance, I tend to incorporate my own style of being hard-hitting and strong with each movement BECAUSE I DON’T NEED TO SING, LOL. I want to bring swag with each step. Yes, I said swag. If you watch the videos of the actual choreographers who created the steps in the first place, you may be surprised by how sharp and strong their movements are. For example, I am using this video as a reference because Rino-san is an immensely gifted and hardworking dancer and a top-notch choreographer (and also one of my idols, hehe): http://youtu.be/WLBzSbYi4r4

From a subjective/artistic standpoint, a “dance cover video” is that - a dance COVER. Yes, the “dancer” in the video is fundamentally performing the choreography of the song, step-by-step just as the artist(s) of the actual song does. However, because it is a “cover”, the dancer may incorporate their own elements and style with each step. That’s what a “cover” is. Dance is art, people. Think about Youtube artists that do “song covers”. Unless their purpose is to “impersonate” the original artist(s) of the song, then surprise! …they’re not going to sound EXACTLY like them, with the same EXACT voice and everything (kind of impossible, really). Also, that’s just boring. It’s fun to have that creative freedom of performing with your own personality and flavor.

Finally, I also understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and desires. If you’re someone that is more inclined to watch and enjoy dance cover videos where the dancer looks, dresses, and dances as close to exact as possible as its original source, then awesome. Keep watching those types of dance cover videos. But consider everything I have explained here before you start typing in that comment box saying “uhh this sux bcuz ur not dancing it how SNSD does lol” or whatever. Because it will be automatically assumed that you are A) just ignorant (bless your dear heart), B) you’re a troll, or C) you’re simply jealous that the person in the video is freaking hot as shit and dancing like a badass mothafucka.