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10 May 12

So that last Mirror’s Edge picture motivated me to finally put together my parkour video! I started parkour back in 2009 and would occasionally revisit it from time to time, so it was never something I really got spectacular at. I enjoyed it as a discipline, workout, and of course, a great opportunity to have fun with friends.

These clips are from the various days of practicing at parks and attending parkour sessions with San Diego Parkour at Balboa Park (sessions every Saturday at 1pm!). The video isn’t of every single session or day of practice and only includes the times I actually brought my camera along haha.

Song: "No. 9" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

7 April 11


lets all go learn parkour.

Oh, what a playground. And this is in Cali too (LA, to be exact). Can I go nao please thnx.

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3 April 11

040211 Parkour Sesh!

Song: "Starry Sky" by Capsule

29 March 11

Love ittttt

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19 December 10

Parkourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!If only I stuck with the things I did..



If only I stuck with the things I did..


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31 October 10

10/30/2010 SD Parkour Session at Balboa Park

Just a bit of footage from this week’s session. My second time going after a longggg time. Glad I went because I totally missed doing this stuff. Such a great total body (and mind!) work out. Until next sesh! :)

Song: "Tsurugi no Mai" by Nujabes

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9 April 09
I wanna stop just for a second, say it straight from the heart. Life is a lesson, from the day you are born to the day we depart. Family is the most important thing, so hold them near. Life is too short to live it in fear.

Be positive, helpful, kind and courteous. Stress is of the devil, stay calm, never furious. Such things aren’t important, they cannot impress. How many people you bless, is how you truly measure success.

Parkour - Poetry in Motion

I use this for inspiration. :)

18 March 09

I love how this traceuse expresses what parkour is really about.

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