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19 October 14

New cover!

Tags: video
3 September 14

Finally covered this!

17 August 14

Redid this dance cover, this time in my SNSD Ahri cosplay!

18 July 14

BoA “Only One” dance cover is up!

7 July 12

Korra vs Asami / Korrasami ;D

(Candice and I during AX, practicing our spontaneously choreographed piece haha)

Thanks to Timscribbles!

10 May 12

So that last Mirror’s Edge picture motivated me to finally put together my parkour video! I started parkour back in 2009 and would occasionally revisit it from time to time, so it was never something I really got spectacular at. I enjoyed it as a discipline, workout, and of course, a great opportunity to have fun with friends.

These clips are from the various days of practicing at parks and attending parkour sessions with San Diego Parkour at Balboa Park (sessions every Saturday at 1pm!). The video isn’t of every single session or day of practice and only includes the times I actually brought my camera along haha.

Song: "No. 9" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

25 March 12

4:58: Me and my friend Sami being interviewed by Codenamed: Epic (DNCN Shinobi and Jin the cameraman - cool guys!) during Anime Conji!

28 February 12

HAHAHA looking through old stuff on my drive again and I took a snippet from my first ever (SUPER old!) K-pop dance cover to Wonder Girls “이바보”/”This Fool”. It’s obviously not on my Youtube anymore due to its incredible noobness but ahhh, good memories lol.

Tags: old video